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Why we Don’t See More Aliens on Earth

So today apparently is the day that the Voyager space probe launched in 1977 will reach the edge of our solar system and become the first man made object to travel into interstellar space. Thats pretty awesome. The best part is that although it was built in the 70s, it is powered by plutonium which […]

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Magic from Space

Wonderful time-lapse footage from the International Space Station. There is so much to see here, my favourite at about the 1:20 mark, where you can see the top of thunderstorms, with hundreds of little mini lightening strikes dotting the skies.

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Twitpics from Space

Of course I love twitter, but I’m only tweeting things from earth. You have to love that the astronauts  on the international space station can also tweet. Check out some of these twit pics they have sent. Life on the space station looks pretty awesome! Check out plenty more photos at the Telegraph website here. […]

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