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Post-it Wars in Paris

You would think that this was the doing of 3M who manufacture Post-it Notes. … but apparently no. It started when workers at one office at the Ubisoft building in Paris decided to use post-its to create a mural on their windows and send a message to the BNP Paribas bank across the road. This […]

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Toy Stories

Timelapse video of two contrasting cities: Tokyo and Paris. First up a film made from the top of the Tokyo Tower Special Observatory . And Paris during the Bastille day celebrations:

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The (baaaad) history of product placement

If you work in advertising, and even if you don’t, then you know the drill. Product placement is everything these days, and entire films are funded by it. One of my personal favourites was Wilson the Volleyball in Castaway (great film). My other favourite was the whole idea of the film Terminal. I mean, if you […]

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