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Japanese Light Trucks

Japan is great. I was very lucky to go there for work many years ago. More than any other country I have been to, it is like landing on an alien  planet.  Almost nothing is familiar, the entire country seems to move at a different pace and in a different way to the rest of […]

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Sushi, but only my way

This is awesome. What do you do if your tiny sushi restaurant in Sydney suddenly gains a reputation that makes it impossible to make everyone happy? Well, you start by only allowing in members, and hanging out a sign like this: The restaurant, which is called Wafu and run by chef Yukako Ichikawa, costs around […]

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Jumping at Shadows

Well, less jumping at them, and more fighting them. This is pretty awesome, Samurai master Taichi Saotome’s New Year performance in which he fights shadows and projections. Awesome. To find out more about Taichi Saotome, check out his wikipedia page here. Apparently he is a famous actor known for playing both very good looking men and […]

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