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Over the past year we in London have all been watching the shard take shape. I have a splendid view of proceedings from my office window, so have watched it on a daily basis. From the angle that I look at it from, it looks like the Bat Building, with ears. So┬áthe BBC video on […]

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Stunning Photos from Around the World

These pictures were taken by photographer Tim Allen, while the BBC was shooting a recent programme called “Human Planet“. I actually missed the programme (will def catch up with it on iplayer). But the images that Allen took are incredible and even just on their own, even more so with his own storytelling of how […]

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BBC Video Player Goes to 11

Has one of Spinal Tap’s old roadies gone to work at the BBC? Of course Spinal Tap were famous partly because their Amps all went to 11. Cos its louder, innit. And once everything is at 10, the amps are at 10, the EQs are at 10, the guitar is at 10, where do you […]

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