This page is going to be dedicated to links to the blogs of people who’s views and writing I like. Hopefully you will like them too.

Analytics Arbitrage – Steve Simpson’s excellent blog talking about the imbalance of the information availability and the money made from it in a semantically enabled web

Think Visible – Guilhem Tamisier’s blog about using design to bring to life data and ideas

One Month in Chile – Tamara Holland-Martin’s blog about her third trip to her adopted country of Chile, this time in a mad dash to build houses for earthquake victims before the weather turns

Just Another Social Media Profile Really – Ciaran Norris’s blog about seemingly everything, and a bit more

Chop Shop – Rebecca Rowntree’s blog about interesting things from life and the web

ViralBlog – Igor Beuker’s legendary blog about all things viral

20 Comments on “Links”

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