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Weird Michael Jackson Tributes

Mohamed Al Fayed is a pretty funny fish in general, but I have to admit to lacking a certain understanding for the latest folly. It was originally meant to stand in Al fayed’s Harrods, but he sold that to the Arabs (as if they didn’t pretty much own it anyway, or at least its contents…). Anyway, […]

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Weird and Wonderful Tennis

Having written about some golf stuff recently, and I have also written here before about the genius of Roger Federer. So its not like I have neglected Tennis on my blog, but in any case I figured it would be fun to have a look at some tennis. And then what happened? Someone sent me […]

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Unbelievable Golf Shots

Golf is an amazing game, and the only sport I play with anything resembling regularity. I also play it really, really badly, and therefore have enormous respect for anyone who can play it well. So you can probably imagine  my admiration for these chaps, who have taken it to a whole new level. 1. Standard […]

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