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Fred Flintstone’s Smoking Habit

In this day and age where everything that even hints at being a cigarette or cigarette ad is being banned and banished, its very easy to forget the old days when cigarette smoking was not just advertised, but advertised as being healthy, fun and a generally positive pasttime. Check out these old press ads for […]

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Interpretations of Darth Vader

Darth was a cool guy. I mean seriously evil with that black helmet, cloak, lightsaber. All round one of THE great evil people. One of my favourite stand up routines is without at doubt Eddie Izzard’s genius interpretation of what the Death Star canteen would have been like. More recently, VW have come up with […]

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Another Classic PJ Moment

I had a mate at school who was just a tiny bit cooler than the rest of us. A sportsman, and, as he used to say, with calf muscles the same size as Arnie’s”, he also used to smoke. I won’t name his name in case his parents read this (unlikely) and didn’t know he […]

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2010: My Blog in Review

So in 2010 I finally did something that I have wanted to do pretty much ever since blogging became something that apparently everyone was doing…. I started a blog. I’ve really enjoyed writing my blog, and its something I will continue to do. More for my own enjoyment and amusement than anything else, but Iover […]

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