Walk of Shame

This is either genius or failure.

The new Harvey Nicks christmas viral ad is all about the walk of shame. OK, so all girls of have done it. Guys generally have too, although not as conspicuously (given that we lack the imagination and need to wear significantly different outfits in the day or in the evening (Jeans? Tick. Shirt? Done. Jacket? Sorted. etc)

Here is the ad (can’t wait to see what the spooferati have to say about this!)


So EITHER this is a disaster of an ad, that just leaves me feeling sad. It certainly doesn’t give me a warm inner glow about the advertiser (even the soundtrack makes me sad). And are Harvey Nicks saying that if you are hot, and happen to be covered by a ray of sunshine when the camera is rolling, and flash a smile at the bin-man on your way into your home, then it’s ok to walk in shame?

Alternatively, its a genius play by Harvey Nicks to do something about the well documented and problematic drinking and yob culture that we hear about constantly. Just last week we heard about the alcohol driven liver disease epidemic in the North East, and concern from parents about a quarter of girls having sex before the age of consent.

A recent survey also found that teenage girls have regrets about their actions after alcohol fuelled nights out.

So could it be that that is the message? Is Harvey Nicks actually making a public service announcement?

I had a quick look at the twitter hashtag #walkofshame, and based on what I saw there, it seems to be mainly people tweeting about fellow train passengers who have passed out or worse. Seems to support the second motive.

What do you think?

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