Giant Lady Takes Bath

Hamburg, Germany. Today, a giant woman came down from the hills near Hamburg and took a bath. People from all over the city took to craft of various sizes to take a closer look at her and her two orange bath toys.

Many were in positions which could, had the woman moved or stood up, been dangerous, landing them in hot water. Thankfully, the woman stayed still, enjoying her relaxing bath, with no incident nor injury.

Others tried engaging the woman in conversation, trying to find out why she had decided on this post in particular for her bath, given that it was so public.

In a separate sighting, the woman’s husband was seen bathing in a separate location, possibly due to the fact that his wife, like so many women, likes the temperature of the bath to be significantly higher than his own.

Meanwhile the pair’s elderly grandfather was bathing in a third location, and reading a book.

As usual at bathtime, the family’s kitchen sat deserted awaiting their return.

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One Comment on “Giant Lady Takes Bath”

  1. August 7, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    The lady is cool, isn’t she? Your blog, too, by the way. Thanks for posting – the transatlantic diablog

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