Home Decoration for Geeks

Now that its cool to be a geek, it seems only logical to furnish your home in the appropriate way. I mean, jocks have had trophy rooms and sports memorabilia on their walls for years right.

Lets start with some basics: Furniture. Couches, coffee tables, desks, you name it. Even cushions. Here is some inspiration.

First, you will need a couch, and what better than one that takes its cues from scrabble. Great for spelling out little messages to each other when you leave the flat. Replaces the need for a pin board in the kitchen. Or you could write out the shopping list and then take a photo of it and go shopping with that!

If you get bored with the cushions, you could try replacing with these bad boys:

Next you will need a coffee table. I have two suggestions, both of which not surprisingly are game related. Take your pick.

or one which has an embedded periodic table of the elements:

Regardless of which you go for, you will need coasters. Suggest you go for these:

Some casual and occasional chairs will also be needed to complete the formal area.

Or you could go for something like this perhaps, and bring a little star trek brilliance to your new home:

Next up, you will need a desk, and what better than this fine example. Also gets us started on a little star wars theme.

Right, finally you will need a place to watch TV. As a bonafide geek, you will need a special place to watch TV. How about decking it out like this:

Very cool, though in fairness probably best suited to star wars fans. Who only ever watch Star Wars movies. Even Aliens would be confusing here, as C3PO and Bobba Fett would look totally out of place. And can you imagine if your girlfriend has a girls night and watches Pretty Woman?

Now that we are done with the basic furnishings, we need to turn our attention to the accessories. Its the little details that will really show the world that you are geek-chic. Here is some inspiration:

And your done! Well, actually you are not. There is still the kitchen, but frankly that is where the opportunity for geek overload explodes to a whole new dimension, so that will need to wait.

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