Disastrous Auditions

Now that Britain’s Got Talent has started its 5th season, I feel its worth going back and looking at some of the truly awful auditions that have happened on this and other, shows.

Of course with the proliferation of reality TV stuff that you need to audition for, and with people’s natural attraction to seeing people fail, it is of course inevitable that TV is full of some spectacularly failed auditions. Some of my favourites:

1. Ken Lee (Bulgarian Idol)

This is totally classic. I could watch it a million times and I sill cannot stop laughing. Dulibodibo douchooooo….

2. Ferrero Rocher World Record Attempt (Britain’s Got Talent)

The world record for the most number of Ferrero Rocher eaten in 1 minute is 7.

Thats right. 7.  Watch this chap’s attempt to break the world record (in fact, try it at home).

3. I’ll be in my Studio (American Idol)

OK, not strictly speaking an audition, but this is brilliant. I’ll be in my Studio, Studio. Stuuuu diiii oooooooo. Up up up in my Studio..

4. Girl’s get Punchy (X Factor)

I love this audition so much. I actually also agree with Simon, they have the word attitude of anyone I have ever seen anywhere, anytime. Really bad, but so very good also.

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