London’s Green Huts

One of the wonderful things about working at WPP is the annual Stream event.

Stream is a digital event that brings together some of our agencies together with clients, VC’s, investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers and interesting people with a POV on digital and how it is changing our lives.

This year we ran the first Stream Asia event in Thailand which was a huge success, and fascinating to see how the event translated to an Asian audience.

One of my favourite events is Ignite. The idea is that you present 20 slides on any topic that you want. What’s the catch? The slides flip automatically after 15 seconds. There is no clicker, the speaker does not control when the slides progress.

So you need to have your timing right. I admire anyone who can do this without notes.  I can’t / didn’t, but it was a very fun experience. Below the video of my Ignite presentation which was about London’s Green Huts.

There are lots more (and frankly some much better ones than mine) at the Stream You Tube page.

(Also, full and big thank you and all credit to Tamara Holland-Martin for doing all the research, photography and thinking for an original presentation she gave herself.)

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One Comment on “London’s Green Huts”

  1. April 14, 2011 at 9:37 am #

    Cool! I knew these were for cabbies, but never knew the background 🙂

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