Weird Michael Jackson Tributes

Mohamed Al Fayed is a pretty funny fish in general, but I have to admit to lacking a certain understanding for the latest folly.

It was originally meant to stand in Al fayed’s Harrods, but he sold that to the Arabs (as if they didn’t pretty much own it anyway, or at least its contents…). Anyway, luckily Al Fayed is also the owner of the Fulham football club, which means that fans now get this rather extraordinary statue to admire when they go the game.

Al Fayed was full of quotable quotes:

He said: “Fulham fans will love it. If some stupid fans don’t understand and appreciate such a gift they can go to hell.

“I don’t want them to be fans. If they don’t understand and don’t believe in things I believe in they can go to Chelsea, they can go anywhere else.

“People will queue to come and visit it from all over the UK and it is something that I and everybody else should be proud of.”

Seriously? I mean it doesn’t even LOOK like him!

Interestingly, MJ does actually have something in common with Fulham FC – he once visited the ground (click here for some amusing stories of what was happening in the Fulham dressing room when the players were “doing moonwalks” when MJ walked in… they thought it was going to be an impersonator)

By the way, seeing this tribute reminds me of some of the other great MJ tributes, not least the amazing offerings of the inmates of Philippine prisons.

The original Thriller was the one that started it all:

But then someone obviously felt they had even more time on their hands, so they created a little MJ tribute of their own when the guy who wrote the music for their first youtube hit died.

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