Silvio Berlusconi

I love it when you see pictures of the G8 or G7 or whatever. All the world leader’s just look so much like caricatures of their own nationalities.

Not really surprising when you think that (in most cases at least) they are democratically elected, so at least to some extent a reflection of the people who have voted them into their positions of power and responsibility.

I wonder though, does that mean that we vote for them also because we feel that they are the person is most likely to be “like us” and represent “us” in a way that is reflective of the way “we” like to be seen and perceived.

Without a doubt my favourite is Silvio Berlusconi. Yes, he is probably going to jail or something for doing things he should’nt, but can you image the scandal if a UK PM even hinted that he was thinking of organising a party (let alone a regular event) called a Bunga Bunga party at his “villa”?

(as an aside, click here to find out what a “Bunga Bunga” party means.  Don’t worry, its a BBC article. Work safe.

Love these Berlusconi videos. First up, what does he do when he sees a HPOA on a police woman leaning over a car (I actually wonder what the police woman was doing leaning over the car like this in the first place.

Maybe Angela Merkel is not quite so attractive, or maybe he was on the phone to either Bunga Bunga or the policewoman from the above video? Anyway, can you imagine if you had been kept waiting like this?! How ANNOYED does she look! I also love Silvio’s nonchalance when he points to his phone.

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One Comment on “Silvio Berlusconi”

  1. Adam Cole
    April 11, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    Hi Caspar, excellent stuff … love the Silvio clips … gotta love the guy! Great blog x

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