Please, don’t let this be the future

Seriously, words fail me in trying to describe this.

Instead, I will simply reproduce a small sample of the comment this has generated on youtube (where, by the way, the video has notched up an impressive 1,617 dislikes, compared with 248 likes – presumably most of who work for the agency that created it.)

“this is why media agencies should NEVER do creative”

“This is what happens when you let account people do the creative work”

“Yes, let’s patronise everyone by assuming the future generation are actually spoiled brats”

“watching this is making my eyes itch… please make it stop 😦 On the other hand… fair play to you for not blocking comments”

And that really is a very good point. This may have generated a lot of negative commentary, but it has also generated a lot of conversation, admittedly more in the media industry itself than with the clients this was probably targeting. So whatever you think of the execution and the content, the fact that comments are allowed does vindicate it a bit.

Anyway, watch. And if you have children, show it to them and tell them that it doesn’t have to be like this.

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