The (baaaad) history of product placement

If you work in advertising, and even if you don’t, then you know the drill. Product placement is everything these days, and entire films are funded by it. One of my personal favourites was Wilson the Volleyball in Castaway (great film).

My other favourite was the whole idea of the film Terminal. I mean, if you could think of a place that is packed full of brands, and where NOT having brands would be more weird than HAVING brands, then an airport terminal must surely  be it. Product placement naturale. Nice.

Although the original book (a true story) was set in Paris’s Charles de Gaulle with an Iranian would be immigrant… not so convenient for American brands, so a quick relocate to New York’s JFK was needed, along with a casting change to an Eastern European refugee (much more palatable!)

The video below is a brilliantly put together summary of the good, bad and very ugly of product placement over the years.

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One Comment on “The (baaaad) history of product placement”

  1. gregoryholmes84
    March 2, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    Hi, I completely agree with what you wrote. I used to work in advertising, and I remember when Romano’s Macaroni Grill was featured in Modern Family. My client, a competitor of Macaroni Grill, went haywire because they had no idea how something like this was possible and if it was just dumb luck MG was on the show. Hilarous YouTube clip compliments your article perfectly!

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