Climbing VERY tall things

I actually have sweaty hands and a funny feeling tummy as I write this. These guys are crazy, I have no idea how you could climb up something this high.



First up is this guy who has climbed the top of the Burk Kalifa in Dubai, the highest building in the world. And I don’t mean to the top story, I mean to the top of the radio mast.

Thing is, we don’t see him do it, and he has a harness on. This guy lets us watch, and for most of the trip up a very, very tall radio mast, he is not wearing a harness.

Excuse me while I go and lie flat on the ground for a while and try to forget what I have just seen.

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One Comment on “Climbing VERY tall things”

  1. Anthony
    February 16, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    I didnt actually watch either of the videos posted because I saw a simliar clip recently that totally enthalled me, I couldnt stop watching it expecting and waiting for the climber to fall, but by the end when he got to the top my team was asking if I was ok because I looked clamy and pale – Watching one of these videos is enough for me

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