Is This Taking Your Relationship With a Doll Too Far?

To answer my own question, I can’t help but think that the answer is probably yes.

Dave Hockey has a girlfriend who is a doll. He’s taken her everywhere, even on holiday, skydiving etc. Not sure what his wife thinks about this strange behaviour…

And this is his doll Cynthia, who got to go Skydiving with him.

This is obviously very strange behaviour, but at least he has not made his dead ex-lover into a sex doll like this chap!

Since publishing this post, I have received some comments from friends about the Google ads that appear at the bottom.

They do speak for themselves. I can’t actually see them (because its my blog and I guess wordpress disable Google ads when its me looking at my own blog), but with thanks to James, here is a screenshot of some. Brilliant.

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One Comment on “Is This Taking Your Relationship With a Doll Too Far?”

  1. February 14, 2011 at 1:02 am #

    Helpful tips! I have been seeking for some thing such as this for a while finally. Many thanks!

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