World’s Most Expensive Stuff

I’ve recently come across a little website which nicely summarises the most expensive stuff in the world.

I’d quite like to get to a point where I could do my shopping on a website that always guaranteed I was paying the maximum possible price.

These items in particular interested me:

The world’s most expensive watch is, somewhat surprisingly, not one I actually want! at USD 25 million, that is a relief, but LOOK AT IT!!!!

Manufactured by Chopard, it has 3 heart shaped diamonds, plus another 163 carats of other diamonds. Perhaps they went a little too far, considering that you genuinely can’t see the watchface for all the diamonds. Anyway, you decide.

Turning to more interesting things, here is the world’s most expensive car. The Bugatti Veyron 4 Super Sport World Record Edition, a snap at USD2,4 million.

Pretty obvious things so far. But what about somewhat more mundane household items. The world’s most expensive hairbrush looks like this, and has lasers and LEDs that are designed to stimulate hair growth. Yours for USD 500.

Or the world’s most expensive towel at USD530? Well, at least you won’t lose it, its very colourful!

Finally, where billionaires shop, is equally as interesting. The most expensive item on ebay sold was a 405 ft yacht, which was sold for USD 168,000,000.

If you are a billionaire, check out a whole hose of expensive things here on this very useful website.

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