Unusual Holiday Destination: Chernobyl

Here I was thinking that the half life of plutonium has lots of zeros on the end of it!

Following the accident in 1986, a 30 km exclusion zone was created and declared unfit for human habitation.

So if you are tired of fighting your way past bus-loads of tourists, I’m thinking that one of the places you could think about is Chernobyl. Yes, the Chernobyl.

Worried that there is nothing to see in place like this? Well you just may be in for a surprise…

The Russian Woodpecker or more accurately Duga3 was one of the world’s largest radar systems, designed as an early warning system by Soviet Russia. When they switched it on, it emitted a regular tapping sound that was so powerful, it could be heard on shortwave radio worldwide, with genuine concerns being voiced that the Russians were conducting mind control experiments.

Once you have checked that out, maybe a quick tour of the reactor? Why not. Reactor 4 looks a little run down these days, but would be a fascinating addition to any trip.

And of course getting there should be easy enough, you could for example arrive at the Yanov train station, which will need a little work before it can reopen.

Finally, you could visit some of the tourist attractions in the local town of Pripyat. Again, some maintenance needed, but probably a fun way to finish off the holiday.

All very sarcastic thoughts aside, I actually think it would be an amazing place to see. Everything just left exactly as it was when the reactor popped. Book your day trip here (and don’t forget not to walk on the soil or eat. Hmmm)

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2 Comments on “Unusual Holiday Destination: Chernobyl”

  1. Adam Ford
    January 31, 2011 at 9:10 am #

    Well here’s the thing. Chernobyl is the best bit of evidence that the anti-nuclear folk have it wrong.
    Firstly, it’s perfectly safe to walk around the reactor and evacuated areas. IN fact a number of former residents have returned to live there with no ill effects. Except it’s a long way to their local store, I suppose.
    Secondly the number of recorded deaths from the incident numbers about 41, and most of those were people involved in the initial cleanup. And this is far and away the worst nuclear disaster in history, and would probably never happen again with modern reactors.
    Fear of nuclear is one of this planet’s worst enemies right now.


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