Another Classic PJ Moment

I had a mate at school who was just a tiny bit cooler than the rest of us. A sportsman, and, as he used to say, with calf muscles the same size as Arnie’s”, he also used to smoke.

I won’t name his name in case his parents read this (unlikely) and didn’t know he smoked (likely).

Anyway, point is as a sportsman, he used to avoid the packs that carried the warning “smoking reduces your fitness”. Fair enough.

Today’s warnings are of course much much more gruesome, and how anyone who smokes could actually leave one of these packs lying on a table is beyond me.

In melbourne recently another mate pointed out to me some rather macabre and most likely unintentional humour on the part of the good people at Peter Jackson.

Here the full pack, with the (as I said, rather gruesome” warning on the front.

Flip the top, and you get this chirpy message. No doubt intended to remind you that the experience of popping the lid off a pack of PJ’s is meant to remind you of laughs and fun times shared. 

May be time to change the message?

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