Cool Ways to Generate Electricity

I have written here before about cool ways to generate electricity by using people (shoes, dance floors etc).

Of course that isn’t going to generate industrial sizes of electricity.

These might.

1. Lorne Pier Wave Power

Recently we were at Lorne Pier, and saw a rather oddly shaped box sitting on the pier.

A little bit of snooping around (i.e. I read the sign on the aforementioned box), and found that in fact this is an experiment to see if the tidal flows under the pier can be harnessed to generate electricity for the local pub (and presumably other buildings too).

I think thats quite cool. Here is a bit of info about it.

2. Pretend to be a plant

Solar energy is so old hat. No doubt that is what inspired the Spanish to create the giant mirror solar station (so cool).

Or you could pretend to be a plant. Looks and works like this, and basically turns the suns energy not into fuel. Problem is that this fuel is Hydrogen, and we don’t really know how to use Hydrogen to power stuff yet.

Other problem is that the machine, in the words of its own developers, grossly inefficient, with the fuel generated only have 0.7% of the energy needed to produce it (hmmmm). Long way to go on this one.

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