Obsessed with Facebook

With Facebook recently being valued at a staggering $50 billion following the injection of capital from Goldman’s and Russian Private Equity investors, I figured it might be opportune to highlight why.

The map below is one of the really staggering things I saw in 2010. It was created by a chap called Paul Butler, an intern at Facebook. He explains here how he did it, but basically it was made by drawing an arc line (the closes distance between two points across a globe) between all cities that had friendships between them.

The intention was to show how political and geographic boundaries affected connections.

What is incredible is the way this shows not only how many countries use facebook, but how they are connected. It also clearly shows the countries where facebook is not such a big deal (although it has been pointed out that this is because many countries like China use proxy servers so are probably under-represented here).

Anyway, point is you can just as easily make out the borders of countries like Chile and India for their brightness, as you can make out borders of countries like China and Brazil for their lack of it.

To further explain just how immensely important the facebook phenomena is in connecting people around the world, Mashable recently summarised some very clear facts about facebook. They speak for themselves:

And finally for a more lighthearted look at what this looks like in real life, condensed of course into a 2.50 minute film, check out the life of Alex Droner on Facebook.

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One Comment on “Obsessed with Facebook”

  1. January 19, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    LOVE the map – if a fascination with sharing gets us there perhaps it’s just the very start of the journey – if only all interactions could be represented so beautifully…great stats too – I always like a good number.

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