Special Christmas Trees

Righto people, herewith my official Christmas Blog Post.

What better way to do this, than have a quick look at some special Christmas Trees from around the world.

1. the MIG and 247 Real Media Europe Christmas Tree

As officially and carefully decorated by yours truly and the Christmas elf also known as Tamara. Note the carefully combined purple and red and yellow baubles. Attention to detail.

2. The World’s Oldest Christmas Tree

This sweet baby (complete with the original baubles and tinsel, stands proudly at 14 inches and is still going strong in its 124th year

3. Bottle Tree

Someone had to do it, I’m just glad that someone did! Grolsh bottle tree. Nice. Whoever made this tree has a killer hangover.

4. Clever Christmas “tree”

I say tree, its not really a tree, although as its made of paper, I suppose it could be called a tree derivative or something. Clever though.

5. Most expensive Christmas Tree

In a hotel in Abu Dhabi, and valued at $11 million. Decorations include diamonds, watches and bracelets. Apparently its under “247 security”. Uh, no kidding.

and a little bit of close up detail of the “decorations”

6. Ugliest Christmas Tree

I don’t know, there are loads of rubbish Christmas Trees out there, I am quite certain. But decided to google the above, and just put whatever they think wins.

Its pretty bad actually.

Although this one surely gets an honourable mention!

7. Beautiful Christmas Tree

Again, there are lots. But this one is pretty awesome.

Happy Christmas everyone, see you in the New Year.

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2 Comments on “Special Christmas Trees”

  1. April 24, 2011 at 1:44 am #

    Hard, for better tomorrow cheers, bless you the Lord is with you. I would like to share with you my Christmas design.


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