Evolution Of Iconic Taxi’s (London)

Following a few other posts on this topic (the evolution of the routemaster bus and the New York Cab), we turn now to the London black cab, without a doubt one of the great taxi’s in the world.

This wonderful taxi, then evolved into something significantly less inspired. A lot of these had 6 seats, but never really looked like they belonged alongside the original.

Click here for a wonderful summary from the original manufacturer (the LTC or London Taxi Company). That these taxi’s never really made it anywhere else in the world is astonishing, especially given their incredible turning circles (for which they were designed).

By the way, if you want to build you own London Taxi, you can do so right here at this link.

But what about the next evolution? Well, sadly it looks a little like this.

Lots of space inside, but still can’t help but feel that this is just a van. I hope the old ones don’t die.

The new LTC model is also being sold still, its much more in line with the traditional and though its probably less high tech than the Merc cab, I can’t feel a little nostalgic and want these to do well.

Or maybe we could go with something a bit more like this? Get around London faster…

Click here for more photos.

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