Qatar World Cup Stadiums

I, like many people, am utterly confused about why and how Qatar is going to host the football worldcup. A nation of 1.7 million people hosting a tournament that brought 450,000 people to South Africa in the first two weeks of June.

Lets not mention that most of these visitors will require a drink (in a Muslim country that does not allow alcohol), or that the tournament is now likely to need to be moved to earlier in the year when its not so hot (though it will still be almost 40 degrees, and in the  middle of the european football season).

BUT….. when you look at the stadiums these guys are planning to build, you can almost see how awarding the World Cup to Qatar may actually have been more than just Sepp Blatter wanting to have put a World Cup in every part of the world.

They are awesome, not only in their genuinely inspirational design, but in their function:

– Fully air conditioned, using solar power

– The upper tiers of the stadiums will be removed after the worldcup and sent to developing nations in Asia, who often lack sufficient infrastructure to support the game

– One stadium will be dismantled completely and shipped to another nation

Here is a link to more photos on the official Qatar World Cup Site, and here some more photos from the BBC site.

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