Why print in 2D when you can print in 3D!

I’ve recently started ‘using’ a macbook pro.

I say ‘using’ in inverted commas, because I would not call it that at all. For one thing, I simply cannot cure myself of the need to have my left index finger resting on the trackpad (is that what its called?) while I move the mouse around with my right index finger.

Which means all I keep doing is making things bigger and smaller.

Another side effect of my move into this technology revolution which I have Apple to thank for, is that my printer no longer works.

In fairness my printer was barely working with my PC, so it was probably time to get a new one anyway.

So I thought, maybe I should move to a colour printer… until I saw this! A 3D printer! How awesome is that!! Ok, so it doesn’t look so much like my old printer.

And here a video of how this thing works (basically plastic spaghetti in the top, and out pops your object)

And if you think this is just a prototype, you would be wrong. Makerbot Industries will sell you the kit to make this for USD750. All you need is tools and some time to put it together. Check out their website where you can order right here.

Just think of all the practical every day applications of this technology to what I print out everyday.

– Maps will come out presumably with little 3d buildings, so that I know exactly what the terrain will look like?

– Pictures of my friends will come out as little statues! No more 2D photo frames, I will have a whole collection of little armies of my friends standing around my home!

– My powerpoint presentations will be awesome. Actual PIEs rather than just flat pie charts. Meetings will be transformed as the participants actually take the slice of the pie that is theirs, and walk out with it.

I wonder what else I shall print out in 3D. Any ideas welcome. Here are some things other people made.

I wonder if anyone has tried making a Makerbot! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

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