How I Intend to Get to Work in Future (Part 1 – the JetPack)

I’ve tried pretty much every other mode of transport. Walking, tube, bus, car, even a ferry.

In fact the only modes of transport I have not actually used in a consistent way are a bicycle and a plane.

Well I intend to fix that, and will, when money and the sufficiently developed nature of the machine itself allow, travel to work via jetpack.

Thankfully I can do so now with the Martin Jetpack. I must admit, it is not a very inspiring name. I would have wanted a Zoom3000 or something. Naming a jetpack “Martin” sounds a bit too much like the guy who built it in his shed named it after the test pilot, RIP.

The technical specs are pretty impressive, especially the fact that you are strapping a Martin Aircraft 2.0 L V4 2 stroke, rated at 200 hp (150 kw). Max 6000 rpm onto your back.

Its the last two though the inspire me to want one, although given that they are probably going to cost of only USD 86,000 as a non-owner I have to be honest also and say that I am glad that the company are providing at least some training for people who want these.

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