Best Pet Ever?

I had a cool pet once. I had bought a fish tank, and uninspired by all the fish on offer in the shop, I decided on an Axolotl who I promptly names Max Olotl.

Yep, I was very funny back then (NOTE: It has subsequently been pointed out to me that calling an Axelotl Max is not actually that funny. I am therefore happy to clarify that I thought I was pretty funny back then – Caspar).

Anyway, I actually don’t believe I have a single photo of Max, who was amphibious and used to watch TV with me (he liked Friends), although he used to leave a wet patch on the couch where I would put him to watch with me.

Lots of amusing Max stories. Feeding time was fun, he was a carnivore, but only ate meat he believed to be fresh, which lead to lots of fun times with my arm immersed in the tank, pretending that a small piece of chopped liver was actually alive, and him carefully stalking it around the tank.

Max also used to rearrange his tank every night, but somehow it was always back where it was when I got up in the morning.

Anyway – the point of this post is not to talk about my pet Max. Its to talk about Jim Sautner in the US of A. Jim has a big hat, and a very, very big pet.

Read about and see more happy snaps of Jim and his pet buffalo here at this excellent LIFE magazine article.

And I thought I was doing well with an amphibious, carnivorous walking fish.

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