Furnishing a Studio Flat

So I have written here before about the guy in Hong Kong who created 24different rooms in a flat that was around 30 square meters.

OK so the guy was an architect, something which most of us are not. But what if you had to furnish a tiny flat, and ensure it was able to still do everything you needed it to.

Welcome to my guide to cool furniture for tiny spaces.

1. Table

Every home needs a table. This one is a box and table with 4 chairs designed by Marta Antoszkeiwicz.

2. Chair

You could go for this chair, which you can hang onto the wall when you are not using it

But realistically you need more than just a chair. You also need a couch, lounge suite, love chair, Chaise Loung and bench. Now you can have them all…. and fold it away into the cupboard if you happen to need to space for something else later.

3. Sofa, table and chair in one

Started talking about these, but there are some other options especially if you also want your table and chair. This is cool (get a different colour though maybe)

4. Kitchen

Always a problem. I mean where do you put your kitchen? In the sofa if you are this designer.

Of course the problem with all of this is that none of it matches. Check this out.

All of this:

Fits into this portable box:

Video here. Job done.

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