Pools I Want to Swim In (Part 1)

All pools are awesome, but some pools are just a bit more awesome than others. Hereby a list of pools that I want to swim in please.

1. Marina Sands, Singapore

Without a doubt in Number 1 Spot is the pool at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

Below a picture of what this building looks like from the top. Utterly awesome.

And also check out this video of a fireworks display, especially of the people watching it. Can you imagine how amazing this would be, sitting in that pool watching that fireworks display?

2. The Adelphi Hotel, Melbourne

OK, so this one is cheating a little, because I have actually swum in this pool…. and I can tell you its a very eerie experience when you pop out at the end to turn around and are suddenly floating above the road, looking down at the traffic.

3. Badeschiff, Berlin

Going from pools on top of buildings, to pools very much on the ground, even in the middle of a river. The Badeschiff in Berlin is a container that has been converted into a pool, with a fabulous beach area next to it.

… and in winter it takes on a whole new aura as a sauna and steam bath. Love it.

4. HSBC Climate Change Pool, India

I’ve written before about this pool before, a fantastic piece of outdoor advertising by HSBC around the theme of climate change. A bit like the Adelphi pool, but even more surreal.

…. more pools some other time.

Posted by Caspar Schlickum 2010

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