New York – City of Cool Hoaxes

Ah the Big Apple. Great city full of wonderful and imaginative people.  In such a huge city, it seems that art is everywhere, and everywhere is an opportunity to create art.

Not sure if “hoax” is the right word to use for these, or if “Urban Art” is the more appropriate term. Whatever, all three are very clever and play on the underlying realities of dealing with life in such a big city.

Hoax 1. The Resident’s Express Lane

I have often wondered by there is not one of these on Portobello Road on market days. Why not create a side of the road for slow moving, ambling tourists and another side for people who just want to buy a bottle of juice.

Check out this video of the project, including the post-experience survey that asked people who had used the express lane what they felt about the new initiative. Brilliant.

Hoax 2. Iraq War Ends

The New York Times is one of the most important newpapers in the world. A trusted source of information.

So you can imagine how it went down when thousands of very real looking copies were handed out to people across the city, with even a very real looking website to back it up.

Hoax 3. Spoiler Signs

Why ruin the surprise of when the next train is coming? We could use these signs in London too. It really does spoil the ending when you know exactly when its going to happen.

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