5 Everyday Things Not To Do When Drunk

Everyday things can  be so difficult if you have had a bit too much to drink. Here are 5 great videos that bring to life little everyday things you should avoid when drunk (including degree of difficulty rating!)

1. Walking down the pavement (very easy)

You would think this would be relatively easy. People do it all the time.  I suspect the thing that distracted this chap was the pole, which he seems to believe is a dancing partner.

2. Putting on a flip flop (Easy)

A slightly higher degree of difficulty perhaps, but we are not exactly talking shoelaces here. This film also raises a recurring theme – it seems to be quite hard to judge distance when in this state.

3.  Shopping for (ahem) more beer (Medium)

Not what you should be doing when in this state anyway, but shopping for beer is seemingly problematic. Perhaps this is actually the bodies natural defensive mechanism to guard against being in even worse shape.

4. Pitching a tent (Difficult)

OK to I struggle with this when sober, so I admit to a higher degree of difficulty on this one.  I also think that these two chaps actually do a pretty good job in the end, I mean the tent pole is relatively well put together.

5. Being a passenger in a car (Very easy)

Make no mistake, this whole doing-stuff-while-wasted thing can be just as tough for kids. No, not drunk kids (obviously), but kids who have been to the dentist.

Post Script

If you ever wondered what the best way to test if you should avoid any attempt to perform one of the above activities, then do a breathalyser. If you do what the guy in the below video did, I strongly suggest you stay in bed.

Copyright 2010 Caspar Schlickum

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