Insuring body parts

The recent story about Troy Polamalu made me wonder about what other weird and wonderful body parts have been insured for un-thinkable amounts of money.

Troy’s just had his hair insured for $1 million. That’s quite a lot considering that he is a football player. Interestingly, the amounts involved here tell volumes about the importance of the non-core income streams of these slebs.

Turns out that this is a bit of a storm in a teacup. I mean here are some other fabulous examples.

Tom Jones had his chesthair insured for $7 million

Nice. And ever heard of Angela Mount? No? Nor have I. She is a wine expert, and has had her taste buds insured for a wopping $16 million!

Incidentally, her taste buds must be a lot more awesome than those of food critic Egon Ronay, who only had his taste buds insured for $2.8 million.

Fair enough. Then there are some that just seem weirdly out of proportion. I can almost understand Rod Stewart insuring his voice for $15.5 million, Bruce Spingsteen insuring his for $31.2 million (I wonder if he got a pay out, considering how gravely he sounds now).

But how can Keith Richards can have his hands insured for only $1.6 million when Michael Flatley has his feet insured for $40 million!

And then there is the rather extraordinary case of insuring an asset which is disposable. Merv Hughes (legend) had his (legendary) moustache insured for $317,000. Amazing to think that his Mo has this fundamental an impact on his income (shows how much cricketers earn really).

So who has the most highly priced asset? No big surprise perhaps that its Mariah Carey with her $1 billion (no typo) legs.

… which interestingly is a lot more than Heidi Klum ($2.2 million), who presumably can’t / doesn’t sing, and as a model needs her legs much more than Mariah does (ok, I am a little amazed at the naivety that went into writing that then.)

The Gawno Magazine recently published a lovely little league table of the top 23 insured body parts that you can check out here.

But the part that I’d like to know more about are the provisions of these policies. It reminds me of the story about the guy who insured his Havanna Cigars for $1 million, and claimed for fire damage after they were smoked. The insurance company allowed the case to proceed, only to counter-sue for arson.

Well “body part insurance pays out financial compensation for any accidental damage or disfigurement caused to the insured body part, if the damage results in a loss of work.” Read more about it here. Still don’t get how natural depreciation of state of the insured bodily asset gets accounted for.

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2 Comments on “Insuring body parts”

  1. Kai
    September 5, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    Madness. I should have a look around my body to consider what might be worth something.

  2. September 5, 2010 at 3:24 pm #

    Perhaps your oddly double jointed nose would be a good start, though I’m not sure how much money it makes you.

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