5 Cool Robotic Arms

Sometimes I wish I could be just a tad more technically gifted, so that I too could make a robot and use it to do cool stuff.  A bit like these three people have done (caution – major danger of FOMO here).

1. F1 Simulator

Engineers have created this amazing Formula 1 Simulator by hooking a giant robotic arm up to a playstation game.

2. Rollercoaster

No, not a simulator. A rollercoaster. And I have to say that I am quite glad that (a) this is obviously a precision robotic arm and (b) that the guy riding it did not move his head.

3. Surfing

Slowing it down a little, this is the perfect answer for my mates in London who keep having to drive to the coast to surf. One of these bad boys in the lounge room would be much more convenient.

4. Dancers

Here is one for those who don’t want to get involved with their robotic arms, you could just watch them dance.

5. Fireball thrower

Ummm, yeah so if you want to weaponise your robotic arm, you can do that too.

Copyright 2010 Caspar Schlickum

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One Comment on “5 Cool Robotic Arms”

  1. Tamara Holland-Martin
    October 11, 2010 at 2:32 pm #

    Check these out, they are even cooler:

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