2 Awesome Ways to Resign – One of Which Never Happened

I guess once you have made up your mind, you may as well do it in style.

For some reason, in the last while I have come across (completely by accident, and no current or future employers should take this as a sign of anything at all), a number of examples of rather awesome ways to resign.

The thing is, one of the below was a big fat hoax that never happened. Link at the bottom tells you which one.

1. Jet Blue Flight Attendant

Firstly, of course, there was the flight attendant from JetBlue, who delivered a goodbye message over the intercom, grabbed a beer off the trolley and slid down the emergency shute before takeoff.

A good way to resign, but its the fact that he stopped for a beer that really makes this special.

If you want to see the most awesome digital re-enactment (including hilarious “startled passengers”) check out this video from Chinese TV. Also watch for the body language after Steve Slater slides down the chute and takes a swig from his beer.

2. Sketch Pad Resignation

Then, came the story of the HPOA (her words, not mine), who resigned in true style, using a sketch pad, email and a camera.

Her resignation was sent to her entire office and revealed some surprising facts about her very high profile bosses internet surfing habits.

The photos of the resignation of course were immediately posted on the internet and have become an internet sensation, making the HPOA an instant celebrity.

So which one was the Hoax?

Follow the instructions on the Big Red Button if you would rather continue believing that both of the above actually happened….

Copyright 2010 Caspar Schlickum

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