Battle of the Apartments: An Epic David v. Goliath Tale

Now that I am about to start the search for a new place to live, I am trying to decide.

I am torn right now basically between two options, any help / recommendations or comments anyone would like to offer on either option greatly appreciated.

Option 1 is arguably the more sensible one, as I have quite a lot of stuff. The apartments in 1 Hyde Park seem nice. Good views, loads of space, nice high ceilings. Amazing views and location. Oh,  and bullet proof glass and a panic room (awesome, I love the idea of panic rooms. )

Thing is, that at £140 million, the penthouse (obviously I would go for the penthouse) its a little out of my range. Someone has already bought it for that much anyway (making this the most expensive property in the WORLD).

My other reservation is that I don’t think I can afford the stamp duty bill of £5.6million. That is quite a lot of stamp duty.

So option 2 is a little more modest, but weirdly the very clever designer has managed to squash just as many rooms into this space as the people in the £140million apartment have! Possibly with the exception of the panic room of course, but you could always hide under the duvet, which amounts to almost the same thing, and I have generally found to be very effective when feeling panicky.

Problem with this second apartment is the commute from Hong Kong to London. And its not on the market.

My search for an apartment continues.

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3 Comments on “Battle of the Apartments: An Epic David v. Goliath Tale”

  1. August 19, 2010 at 9:57 am #

    That’s pretty insane…!

    • August 28, 2010 at 1:11 pm #

      Yup. weird thing is that given a choice, i would be genuinely pushed to decide which one to go with. The other thing he fails to mention is that the Hong Kong apartment also ha a gym (all that pushing and pulling etc)


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    […] With that much money you would probably assume he can afford a pretty impressive pad. I’ve written here before about the apartment in London that was sold for a bargain price of £140 million. […]

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