Ark! Who to believe about Noah and his boatfull of animals.

Creation v. Evolution. Its one of those odd topics which you would have thought logic and science would long have brought to a definitive conclusion in favour of the latter.

There are, however, still people (in fact people of great influence) who argue that creation is a theory which stands up to scientific challenge.

Schools in some countries teach creation as a real alternative to evolution.

I’m no theologian, but what seems particularly concerning about this, is that it belittles what surely is the entire point of Genesis and the old testament: one that centres on teachings and a message, not a historical or scientific doctrine.

The Story of Noah and his Ark

I loved this story when I was a kid. I even had a toy ark with little giraffes and elephants that I could play with in the bath.

There are people are out there right now looking for the real thing, and claiming that various rock structures are in fact the long lost ark.

Is this Noah's Ark?

For anyone who is inclined to believe them, I highly recommend one of the most fascinating articles I have ever read.

Robert Moore logically, calmly and systematically describes (in a very entertaining way too) why there was never such a thing as Noah’s ark.

Questions examined include:

– How exactly did Noah manage to build a wooden boat 100 feet longer than any in history, and without technology that did’nt exist for hundreds more years?

– How did all the species of animal fit in (especially when you don’t have the benefit of evolution), when we are still discovering new species today?

– Where did they live (caging animals is very tricky), how were they transported (we still don’t know how to transport many animals today), what did they eat (usually they eat each other, which is a problem when there are only 2 of each)?

– How did they verify the sex of the animals, something that many researchers today find it difficult to do.

– What of the fish? The point was to destroy all he had created, so there must have been a pair of whales on board? Who eat twice their weight in plankton… every day? Thats a mighty big fish tank.

– Who cleaned up after the animals, especially considering that the human’s on board must have been very ill,  given that they must have been infected with every disease known to man today including Aids, which then disappeared for thousands of years.

Anyway, you get the drift. The article is well reasoned, well referenced and very entertaining read.

But much more importantly, it hopefully restores some of the real point behind why the old testament is something to believe in, not believe.

Copyright 2010 Caspar Schlickum

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