Naughty World Cup Advertisers?

At what point does it cease to be ok to associate yourself with a sporting event like the FIFA Football World Cup 2010.

I was inspired by the 23 orange ladies (two of whom are actually threatened with going to jail!), who turned up at the Dutch world cup game apparently in support of a non-official sponsor.

So if this was such a genius ambush marketing effort, where are the logos? I mean which beer (apparently it was a beer) did this? Can anyone name it?

I have just spent 15 minutes trying to find a photo that even shows the logo, though as you will see, its not exactly prominent… and Bavaria (that’s the beer company) now faces criminal charges). This is the best I could do, and I only know this is where the logo is because of a photo I saw in the Sunday papers here.

The only reason anyone even noticed is because FIFA kicked up such a stink about it.

At the same time, Nike have released their world cup ad. You can watch it here: 16 million other people have done so already. Its awesome.

Thing is, Nike is not a sponsor of the world cup. Adidas is. So how is Nike faring vs. Adidas on a simple metric like google searches over the past 90 days?

Bummer if you are Adidas, especially as this probably includes people searching about info for a heavily branded and pretty dodgy ball.

But top prize for the “stick two fingers up, sue us if you dare” campaign for the worldcup so far has to go to Kulula airways, a low cost carrier in South Africa.

Whoever said “Gentlemen, we don’t have any money, so we are going to have to think” definitely inspired this lot.  Of course FIFA insisted the ad be taken down, and it duly was. But in the words of the marketing director, “that’s OK, its done its job”.  It sure has.

Copyright 2010 Caspar Schlickum

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