Earthquake Chillies!

I would like to introduce you, my dear readers, to my chilli plant, Sprout.

… and a top view of Sprout’s plummage:

Sprout was born as a result of a Mindshare initiative to add a bit of greenery to our office, and do something fun to build a little company-wide team spirit.

And so was born the great chilli growing caper of 2010, beginning with the administrator (JustChillin) selling seedlings procured from Wahaca to all staff, and the proceeds (presumably also of the ultimate Chilli sale) being donated to earthquake victims in Chile.

This is Sprout* as a baby Chilli, hopefully also illustrating where the inspiration for the name came from.

* this is not actually Sprout, I don’t have any baby photos of Sprout, so this is a Chilli Double.

I’m not going to lie to you. It has not always been easy with Sprout. As the photo below shows, there were some very serious discrepancies in growth rates among chillies in the office (Sprout is the centre Chilli).

Some people in the office noted that Sprout’s name was perhaps not aspirational enough, and suggested I rename him “Tree”.

Another reason offered by the JustChillin administrators was the Sprout was potentially a she-chilli, and therefore naturally diminutive.

Personally I feel that the illegal use of steroids in other people’s chilli’s that are causing them to grow unnaturally fast.

My pleas for all Chilli plants to be asked to submit a mandatory urine test have fallen on deaf ears, and the matter has been, I think unfairly, swept under the carpet.

In the meantime, though, I am proud to report excellent progress in Sprout’s (natural) growth. Certainly, moving into a larger home seems to have made a difference (with thanks to Hannah Evershed, the resident Mindshare real estate agent and green thumb)

At this stage I am not aware of any plants in the office producing any actual chilli’s, and I remain hopeful that Sprout will do me proud.

Please feel free to post messages of support for Sprout below, I will be sure to pass them on. And for much more constructive insight into Chile and the aftermath of the Earthquake, go here.

Copyright 2010 Caspar Schlickum

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