China World Expo politics

One of the best holidays I have ever been on was World Expo 88 in Brisbane. Even with the outrageously (and they were) long queues that meant we actually bothered to go and see things like the South Australia pavilion (no queue), I will never forget running around with my two best mates at the time, learning about the world, and experiencing countries we had never been to.

Still today, when I am travelling to a new country, my first instinct is to remember its expo pavilion and compare the reality with how they presented themselves at Expo ’88.

So to that end, I suppose it makes sense to ensure that the realities of the prevailing global political situation are also somehow captured, so that the 15 year old’s of today receive an educational and fun experience.

Well this CNN video guide to the 2010 Shanghai Expo campus shows that the good people in China have done an excellent job of facilitating such an education.

– the Iran and North Korea pavilions (handily described together with Myanmar in this article) are next to each other on a square that is apparently being called Axis of Evil Square,

– the Tawian pavilion is not only tiny, but located next to the China pavilion which is huge, and placed in such a way as to constantly cast a shadow over its smaller neighbour.

Anyone been to Expo? Would love to hear about other stories like the above or see some photos of this in action.

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